R&D Excellence

Singapore Biotech and our professional researchers are committed to developing the biosimilars of the most complicated biologic medicines.


We are driven by the desire to change lives by making quality treatments more accessible and more affordable to all.

Every day, our medicines improve the quality of life of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases across the globe.

As we strive to constantly improve and innovate, we invest a large proportion of our annual revenue into R&D for new biopharmaceutical drugs.

At Singapore Biotech, we are proud to be recognized as one of the top research-based companies in the world. We are passionate about driving innovation and have one of the largest pipelines of biosimilar medicines in development.

Quality Production

Our quality medicines are produced in world-class manufacturing facilities with EU GMP.


Our products are manufactured from cell culture to final packaging with the strictest quality measures and the latest technologies, utilizing fermenters and large-scale bioreactors in accordance with GMP guidelines.

We work on cloning and cell line development, upstream development, and synthesis of critical APIs in the field of cancer and infertility.

At Singapore Biotech, we build and acquire industry-leading technologies to create state-of-the-art global manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to develop the highest quality biosimilars.

We constantly work to improve our production processes, analytical methods and technologies to increase drug safety and effectiveness.

We are strict about conducting several clinical trials to ensure the efficacy and safety of our biosimilar products.

Our world-class scientists, state-of-the art technology in cell line and process development, and bio-analytics competency have given us the ability to lead the next wave of biosimilars.

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