Singapore Biotech is a trusted biosimilar company that changes lives by making quality treatments more accessible and more affordable to all.

Our fundamental belief is that everyone should have access to high-quality medicines.

Today, this is not possible for many people in emerging markets and even those in developed countries because some medicines are simply too expensive.

For decades, Singapore Biotech has created the largest portfolio of biosimilar medicines that come at affordable prices. We have focused on developing the most complex medicines that address the world’s largest health problems — from neurology to oncology, from haematology to gynaecology, from endocrinology to rheumatology.

By doing so, we have created hope for patients who were simply disadvantaged.

We are driven by a relentless desire to innovate and develop the highest quality medicines. We never compromise on safety and strive to create mutual trust with patients, customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

We are guided by our values of Integrity, Innovation, Quality, Sustainability, and Hope. These values are what define us and make up the five stars that are shown in our brand logo.

As we continue to innovate and develop new and better medicines we are driven by one vision, to ultimately make the world a better place.

At Singapore Biotech, we make Better Biosimilars for a Better Future.


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